Road Metals is ISO 9001 certified and registered in both operations and aggregate production. The company takes pride in itself in offering quality metals to its customers.

With the commitment from all the staff, Road Metals implemented a quality system and in August 1995, the company was issued a Telarc Registered Supplier Certificate.

Road Metals is committed to meeting customer requirements and specifications 100% of the time.
We will meet and exceed customer needs


Road Metals has it's own Health and Safety Manual which was originally issued in March 1993. The updated version was issued in January 2015 and is readily available.

It is our policy to emphasise to all employees and Sub-contractors the need to take the initiative in anticipating, preventing and correcting conditions and practices that may cause physical harm to themselves and other persons.

Road Metals will continue to provide strong leadership in Occupational Safety and Health practices and is continually working towards a safer working environment. Regular staff meetings with management take place where safety issues are discussed and actioned if required. Our accident record is highly commendable which we will continue to maintain.

Road Metals hold a tertiary level certificate in the ACC WSMP programme.